Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just an update

So things are kinda crazy around here. Charlie got a job at a bank here and is already in his 3rd week being there. So far so good! Me on the other hand...I have had a couple of interviews, but so far no luck. I've been babysitting my sisters kids for her here and there. One sister has 4 kids 7,6,4,and 2 and I take them all day on Tuesday and Thursday, except for today. I also have babysat for another sister that has 5 kids, 12,10,9,6, and 2 and of course Nate! Keeps me pretty busy. This Thursday I might have them all except for the 12 year old. That should be fun, ha ha.

So Nate has adjusted well here. He has this new thing about when he sleeps he puts his hands behind his head. It is so cute. I took some pictures of what he looks like when I get him out of his bed in the mornings. What a ham!
We'll keep you posted on the home front. To all you Florida folks, we miss you guys.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 4th

This year for July 4th, we were able to go to my parents house. They even let us bring the dog. That is a BIG shock, for those of you who don't know my parents. We NEVER had pets growing up, except a couple of fish once. Anyway, Tangent (the dog) stayed on the back porch all night at was a pretty good boy. He loved playing with the kids and getting to run around w/out a leash or a fence. My parents have 10 acres, and Tangent was by us the whole time. He did get into the house a couple times b/c kids would leave the door open and in Tangent came.

Anyway, we had a BBQ and set off fireworks, got eaten by the bugs. What a day. We were also able to spend time on Saturday with our friends Adam and Marie and we had a cookout there too. That is when I really got eaten by bugs. I think I'll have to stay inside when I got visit them. They have more acres and are out in the boonies.


On July 1st, I took Nate swimming for the first time. Every other time we'd try and put him in a pool or the ocean, he didn't like it. My sisters Angie and Vicky were taking their kids swimming, so we tagged along. (Daddy was at a job interview) I got this baby floating device out and Nate LOVED it! As you can see by the pictures. He also got in at Grandma and Grandpa Smith's home on July 4th, but not for long because the water was kinda cold. I minded the water temp. more than he did. I love the water and Charlie is a fan too, so we are glad to have another water-rat in the family. Oh, on the way over to go swimming, Nate got his hat pulled down and somehow stuck behind his pacifier. What a kid.