Thursday, January 22, 2009

The busy life

So, since moving to the great state of Arkansas, life has been busy. Charlie is doing well at the bank and loves his job. He will hopefully be able to enroll in school soon, and finish his degree. He is going to go into financing, which the bank will pay for some if not most of!

As for Carley, she was moved into a marketing position with Walmart and so far is liking it. I looks like the data entry is not going over as well as can be, but she is working on it. We'll keep you posted on that.

Nate has finally started walking!!! He is now 14 months old and has 4 teeth. He is a little ham around the camera, so I don't get the good action pictures that I really want. Nate loves the dog and the dog loves Nate, especially at dinner time when Tangent gets to "clean up" Nate's mess on the floor.