Sunday, September 21, 2008

10 Months!

Nate is now 10 months old, and cute as ever! He is scooting everywhere and sometime will crawl, but prefers not to. Just this week he has started pulling up on things and gets about half way up and gets stuck, then slumps back down. He still has no teeth, but sure does have an appetite. Our only problem is that he seems to think that he doesn't need to drink much liquids. If anyone has a way of getting kids to drink, out of a bottle or a sippy cup, please let us know. The other day we went in to check on Nate in his crib and this is what we found. He is just so funny. He has also started to make a "sour" face that is really cute. I'll have to try to get that on camera sometime.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Lately we have been able to spend lots of time with family. Vicky and Jordan went to a baptism the other night so we babysat Spencer, Dallin, and Trista. Vicky's kids just love Nate and for the most part Nate loves them. Sometimes they play with him too hard for too long and Nate lets me know that he is tired of playing with them. Nate was playing with his blocks the other night when the kids came over and Dallin said, "Uncle Chuck, why does Nate Nate eat the blocks?" Uncle Chuck responded with, "until about 2 years ago, you just ate the blocks too." Dallin thought that to be interesting.

On Saturday Aunt Becca came over with cousin Jacob and Nate was kind enough to share his new toy that his G&G Rice sent for him. Thank you G&G Rice! Nate received a rather large package on our front door step the other day and it was the cutest thing...a catapillar that is a rocking horse type thing. It is so cute. So we put Nate on it and then Jacob behind it and they thought that was fun. I like the picture where Nate is looking back at Jacob, very cute. Nate is not big enough to play on it by himself, but he likes Mommy or Daddy to help him rock on it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My boys

Lately Nate has really loved to play with Tangent. Tangent is so good and patient with Nate. Tangent lets Nate pull his tail, play with his ears and slap his head. Tangent is good at laying next to Nate as close as possible with out sitting on him. It is so cute.

About 2 nights ago, Nate rolled over and slept on his tummy all maybe there is hope that he won't have a flat head his whole life! I took a picture of Charlie and Nate after Nate got up that morning with his hair all messed up. It is so cute. Nate has decided to roll over and crawl backwards. I don't know why he doesn't go forward, but at least he's moving now.