Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I don't know what is up with the pictures not moving, sorry. Enjoy them how they are, I guess...

So we have had quite a busy couple of weeks. Rodger, Charlie's dad, came to visit for a week. We had lots of fun with him. I got Charlie and Rodger to play Bananagrams with me. I love that game, it is kind of like scrabble, and Charlie doesn't care for it all that much, so it was a real treat to get to play for a few nights while he was here. Also Rodger took care of Nate most of the week while Charlie and I worked. They had lots of fun. Nate got a new chair from G&G Rice. Thanks! Nate loves it and we love watching him play and sit in it. He is just getting so big. Dad also spoiled Charlie and me by taking us out to dinner, buying Charlie a new DVD player, ours broke, and he got me a new skillet which I SO needed. Thanks for spoiling. We are glad you came to visit.

So I got a new job with Arvest Mortgage Company and I love it. I started on the 14 so I am almost done 2 weeks and I think it is going well. I am at a call center where people call in about their mortgages and I answer the questions. It has been a great learning experience since Charlie and I want to buy our first home soon. Now I understand a whole lot more than I did even last week. I like the people and the drive is only 7 minutes. Nate had to switch babysitters b/c our last one would be way out of the way. We were sad b/c we loved her so much, but the new girl seems good too. A great thing about the new daycare is it is right across the street from my work. So it takes no time to get him and get home.

Charlie is doing great at his job and he is really loving it. He has a customer base that only wants to see him and is making great strides in his sales. He was number 1 in sales last month and he is the newest one there! We are so proud of you Charlie.

Nate is doing great. He is now 20 months old! I can't believe how time flies. He is starting to make "sentances" with 2-3 words alot more often now. His favorite word right now is "look". He even got a lady to "look" when there was nothing to look at. It was really funny. His favorite thing lately is taking baths. Pretty much every night, unless we get home late. He loves bubbles in the bath and requests them every time. I now need to take up stock in bubble bath.