Monday, March 16, 2009

Did somebody say...PROMOTION!

So we found out today that Charlie got a promotion to be a deposit counselor. While he did not get the Assistant Manager position, this is still great news! He will have a sit down job, which is great for his feet. (He has MAJOR feet issues) Now maybe we'll be able to go on family walks. He will work 8:45-5:45 which will put him home earlier, better incentive pay, and a raise! We are very excited and proud of him. He's only been with the company 8 months and things are going great! Good job Charlie, we love you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Lately Nate has decided that hiding in/under/around things is so much fun. He is into everything. He empties out my cupboards so that he can play in them. Our cupboards don't have handles and are cheap, so child proofing has been hard. We had to get creative and we put velcro on them to keep Nate out. So far, so good. He pretty much went from crawling to running in a matter of days. He is at such a fun stage. We love to play with him. This week he has taken a big interest in playing with balls. He has 5 teeth and another one on the way. His doctor says he's too skinny and needs to be putting on the weight. He has been eating like a horse, but he never sits still long enough for any fat to stick. Who wants to carry around a little chub that makes your back hurt anyway.

Charlie is doing well with his job at Arvest Bank. He had the opportunity to interview for an assistant manager position on Friday, and we should know the results by this Wed. Also, he is interviewing for a deposit counselor position tomorrow. Hopefully he will at least get one of the jobs. I'll keep you posted. Also, we got a new desk for our office and now Charlie and I can both be on our computers at the same time. This is great, that way I can try (no promises) to blog more often than once a month. It is a bit overwhelming to work full time, keep a house, take care of Nate and find any "me" time. Charlie doesn't make it home until 7PM most nights and then I am so tired that I go to bed by 9. My job is going well too! I survived the 800+ layoffs that Walmart home office made, that was a nerve racking week. Life if good, but busy. If Charlie gets the assistant manager position, I might be able to quit my job and stay home with Nate. We don't know what the pay is, but hopefully it would be enough for that.