Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treat

This year Charlie and I decided to go to our wards Trunk or Treat/Chili cookoff. Sorry we don't have any pictures, but Charlie made a chili that we took to the church. When we got there there was about 20 chili's. Guess who won...Charlie! We were so excited. When we go to the line, ours was already almost gone! Charlie hardly got any of his own chili. We had lots of people ask us for the recipe. It was very simple really. Anyway, we were kinda bummed when all we got was a thing of candy for the we need candy. I think we should go to Becca's ward next year, they give better prizes. Anyway, our family must be really good chili makers huh? Good job Brad and Charlie!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nate's bed!

This weekend we got the crib put together and put the bedding on...this is what it looks like so far. We are so excited! The more baby stuff we have, the more real it seems. We should be getting the dresser in the next couple of weeks, then we can take a picture of the whole nursery and show you what it looks like. Since we rent, we can't paint, but I say that is a blessing b/c I don't like painting anyway! The animals on the bedding have different kinds of materials like the lions mane and the giraffe and hippo. It is really a cute set.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My baby shower

My old work had a baby shower for me on Friday. I still keep in touch with them, they are pretty nice people. So we went to Long Horns Steak House for lunch. I got a bouncy seat, the bottle set I asked for, a cart cover (what a great invention), clothes, diapers, pacifiers, and other odds and ends. It was very fun, but I forgot to bring my camera to that one so I didn't take any pictures.

On Saturday my mother-in law and sister-in law gave me a baby shower with people from church. There was about 20 people there and they all loved the party favor candy bar that I posted last time. I got some more outfits, (Nate will never go naked, at least not till about 2 years old!), a monitor set, blankets, a plastic book that you can put your own pictures in for baby to look at, a boppy, some hot green swim trunks that I love (they are bigger though), a johnny jump up, bowls, cups, spoon/forks, lots of good stuff off the registry. Charlie's wonderful parent got us a 3 drawer dresser that has a changing table on top. It is very nice. We still haven't put the nursery together, but when we do, which will be soon, I'll put some pictures up. There was like 3-4 church outfits for Nate which are soooo cute. I am going to love dressing him up for church! Also Charlie got a basket from his parents, b/c everything is for the mom and not the dad, and it had things to do together with Nate. There are nurf football, basketball, and soccer balls in it. Books, crayons, matching pajama pants that his mother made and a CD of children's songs. I thought it was a very cute idea. Thank you to Mom and Dad Rice and Shoady for a great baby shower and gifts.

The sign is to put in the yard when Nate is born. We thought that was a cute idea.
So I have run into a few people who think that I a about to "pop"! I didn't think that I was that big, what do you think? That is why I put the 2 pictures up top. I am feeling pretty good for the most part, I get heartburn here and there and really have to watch what I eat. Also my back gets tired, especially the 3 hours at church. Hopefully the next 7 weeks goes by quickly! You probably think I am a dreamer...I am!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gotta love graphics!

So, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are planning a baby shower for me in a couple of weeks. They came up with the cutest idea for a party favor. The picture below is wrapped around a Hershey's candy bar. I think it is so cute. You may have to click on it to blow it up. A special thanks to Charlie, Shoady and Juan (Shoady's boyfriend) for making these! I can't wait for the shower for people to see them. Also below is Nate's first picture, at least where you can tell he's a baby. We are so excited to have him come into our family, you couldn't tell could you?! We are down to 59 days, not that anyone around here is counting. We are very excited to go home to Missouri for Christmas and show him off to all our family and friends. We are very proud parents and he isn't even here yet!