Friday, November 6, 2009

We're alive

So things have just been busy lately. We moved into our new house! We love it. The only thing is that Nate didn't adjust well. He is finally starting to sleep better for us, but it has been a challenge since the move. We are finally getting settled in though. A couple weeks after we moved in, Rice came to stay for a week. We really enjoyed her and all the things she did for us. If Nate woke up in the middle of the night, grandma got him and let us rest. Also she made dinner, did laundry, unpacked boxes. A HUGE thanks to Grandma Rice!

Nate is loving day care, he has a best friend there named Jacob who is about 6 months younger than him and Nate asked "where's Jacob" ALL THE TIME! Even when he is with Jacob. Nate is really starting to be quite the Chatty Kathy if you will. Sometimes that boy never stops talking. He loves animals and can make quite a few of the noises they make, he loves Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse too. I've decided that I can't take him shopping for presants anymore b/c we went and got Charlie a hat for his birthday and Nate tried to tell Daddy what it was. It's a good thing daddy doesn't know Nate language too well b/c he thought he was saying "hot" not "hat". So the surprise didn't get ruined after all! So the picture of the shoes is b/c I have apparently taught my son well, He puts his sock inside his shoes and then took them to his room and this is where they were "put away". I didn't tell him to put them away, he just did. Nate has a shoe fetish, he LOVES shoes. If they are off, he wants them on, if they are on, he wants them off. He wants to take your shoes off too. Also the pinata was something that my sister Vicky had, so when we went to my mom and dad's for a visit, we got the kids together and did the pinata, at first Nate didn't know what to do w/ it, but after he saw the other kids hit it, he was a little better at it. Luckily nobody got hurt either.

Charlie turned 30 last month. Happy belated B-day honey! I used to think 30 was so old, but I guess it really isn't. He is doing great at his job and already got the MVP award, amongst many others. In fact, they went to a little "award ceremony" for lack of better term, I can't remember what it really was, but anyway, Charlie went to it and when he walked back into work that day he had won/received like 4 prizes! The other bank assoc. that were with him said it was the "Chuck show". I am very proud of Charlie and the hard we he puts in for us.

So most of you should know by now that I am pregnant. About 15 weeks, I thought I was further along, but the Dr. moved my due date back to May 1, I thought I was due on April 20. Oh well, the baby will come when it comes. I haven't been too sick this time. I did get nausous, but not too bad. As long as I eat, I am okay. I feel like all I do is eat, and the weird thing is that last Friday at my appt. I had lost a pound! What? How did that happen, I am growing out of my clothes, I eat all the time....Nate does keep me running though. Anyway, we should find out what we're having in Dec sometime. It is really exciting b/c Charlie's sister Shoady is expecting their first child and is due around April 17th, I think is her due date. So these 2 will be really close in age and G&G Rice are just tickled pink about the babies.