Sunday, March 30, 2008

He's getting too big too fast! HELP!

So this week after Nate had his shots, he has been kind of a grump. Lucky Daddy got to stay home with him all week and take care of the grumpy kid. Thank you Charlie, you're the best. I think he is finally getting over his grumpiness, thank heavens for that. This week he has wanted to be held, played with or standing 24/7! So we decided to get out the walker and see if he liked that. He did, there are some cute pictures of him in it. Tangent (the dog) was so intrigued by the walker and Nate, that he just stood there and watched him play for a good while. Tangent loves Nate, but we have to be careful b/c Tangent doesn't realize how big he is and how little Nate is. But Tangent wants to play with him so bad, it is kinda funny. When Nate gets bigger they will be the best of friends. We need to find a saddle for Tangent so Nate can ride him. Also today Nate was so happy! So we took some pictures before church and they are so cute b/c of his big smiles. Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy the slide show.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Shots! Yuck! (and Easter)

Nate sleeping after his shots

On Saturday, Charlie's mom brought over a cute little Easter outfit. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of him in it, so next Sunday we'll do that. Then on Sunday G&G Rice gave Nate a cute Easter basket filled with baby food, baby juice, rice cereal, and the best thing ever DIAPERS! You can never get enough free diapers. The basket was really cute, it is a frog. I was terrible and didn't take pictures of Easter. Also G&G Rice, Charlie and I decided to play an Easter game. We took raw eggs into the back yard teamed up with one person and got about 8 feet apart from each other. We then threw the eggs back and forth, taking steps back after we threw the egg to see who could throw the farthest without breaking their egg. Charlie and I won against G&G, then Dad Rice and I lost against Charlie and Mom Rice, and Mom Rice and I lost against Charlie. Mom Rice and I had an "iffy" egg, it had cracked lines in it and didn't look too good to begin with. I was the only one that didn't catch the egg and get it all over my hands. It was a fun little game. We really enjoyed it. While we did that Nate just layed in his porta-crib outside and watched his mobil. He is such a good baby. Daddy and Nate

So today we took Nate in for his 4 month check-up, and yup, shots:( He weighed in a at a whopping 12 pounds 10 ounces! He is 24 inches long, and she said he is developing very well. We gave him the Tylenol before his appointment today, hoping that would help him not be so cranky. It has helped, kind of...He wants to be held all day. I put him down for a nap and he stayed in bed for an hour and a half, but then he just wanted to be held again. Hopefully he will get some good sleep tonight. Luckily I am off work tomorrow, so if he doesn't sleep well, I at least have a day to recuperate. Other than that everything is going well. Here are some pictures of Nate today, and some close ups of his cute band-aids. Being a mom is the best!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last night we packed up Nate and went to the Deseret Ranch Rodeo. Our church has a big ranch about 30 minutes from here and they do a rodeo every year. We've never been, so we thought we should go. They had a BBQ, about 30 horses and riders that did a figure 8 show, pig chasing, mutten riding and more. They had about 8 sheep that these little kids between ages about 4-7 rode to see who could stay on the longest. It was so cute. Then when the riders were doing the figure 8 around the ring 2 collided and scared me, but they were okay. They also greased up the pigs and had all the kids under 8 go out and catch them. It was so cute. Boy were there alot of kids! It was a very fun even that Charlie, Nate and I enjoyed very much.

Today we fed Nate rice cereal for the first time. He did such a good job. After a few spoonfuls he knew that when the spoon came to him, it was time to open his mouth. See, lately he hasn't slept as well through the night b/c he is getting hungry too soon. So we decided it was time for cereal. He liked it and ate very well. Mommy and Daddy were proud. Also lately we have been fitting into some very cute outfits, so we took some good pictures of it. We also started putting little shoes on him when we go out. It is just so cute. I didn't think that dressing up a boy would be very fun b/c there are no bows or frilly dresses, but we enjoy it very much. Also you can notice how long his hair is getting. He never lost any of it and he still hasn't even gotten the thinning in the back. Everyone thinks he needs a haircut, but not for a good while.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I did better than I thought I would!

73 words

Speed test

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slide show!

This is my first slide show. I am so proud of my non-computer skilled self. So to explain a few photos...I got my hair permed last week...Nate is into pulling his blankets up and hiding himself...We got him a bumbo this week thank you Great Grandma Rice, and Nate now fits into his baseball all star outfit and we have a hat to match!