Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

On Saturday we went to our Ward Halloween Party and we dressed Nate up as a monkey. The cutest monkey ever in my book! We had chili and got to show off Nate, it was really fun. We didn't do the trunk or treat b/c we don't need the candy and neither did Nate. So this is him in his monkey costume. We will be going trick or treating with Vicky and her kids on Friday. We are looking forward to that and will keep you posted.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Everywhere...

What do I say is everywhere....NATE! Now that he is crawling quickly to anything and everything, most of which I don't want him to go to...I am very busy. He is very independent with the direction he wants to go. He'll just take off down the hall and into what ever room he wants. I feel like I get nothing done when I get home because I am too busy chasing Nate. He is pulling himself up to the couch or piano bench, then gets mad when he falls on his bum. It is a fun new stage, but a busy one.

This weekend Nate and I decided to go see my parents since Charlie had to work this weekend. We were able to ride on the 4 wheelers and Nate really enjoyed that. Also we think that Nate is finally teething. He is almost 11 months old and still NO teeth. Sometimes I wonder what I can and can't feed him because of this fact. Also he is not sleeping very well at this time,which is not fun when both parents have full time jobs.

I just got a calling in our church, I lead the music in Sacrament, and pick the songs. It should be fun. Charlie is the secretary in EQ in case we did not mention that. We are looking forward to our Trunk or treat this year, especially to be able to dress Nate in his costume. We'll keep ya posted, but if it takes a couple of weeks, it is all Nate's fault! Ha ha.