Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nate goes to Crystal's

We don't have anything too exciting to report. Nate and I (Carley) have colds and haven't been feeling well for a few days now. I am tired of it because Nate isn't sleeping well and of course then we don't sleep well. Charlie was a huge help yesterday and took care of Nate quite a bit to let me sleep. I don't think I got out of bed till 2:00 in the afternoon. (for good anyway) Oh, kinda funny story...I went to Wal-Mart the other day to get some Day Quill medicine and the lady at the register was like "are you over 18?" I was like, "uh ya" then she carded me. I thought it was kinda funny. Do I look younger than 18?

Well Nate has been having quite a time at Crystal's house. For those of you who don't know who that is, Crystal is my cousin that babysits Nate while I work and she has a little girl that is 3 weeks older than Nate. I've included some pictures of their activities. Crystal wanted to take them for a walk, but doesn't have a double stroller, so she put Nate in first and Camerae in kind of beside/on top of him. It is so cute.

I've also included a picture of Angie, Vicky, and me when we went out for a girl's night before Angie went back to Costa Rica. We were sad that Becca wasn't there, but next summer we'll all have to have a girls day when she moves closer to us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our little girl??

So if you'd like to see what our little girl's will look like, tune into

Busy, Busy, Busy

Bet ya'll thought that I'd forgotten about you? (Like the hick slang?) Anyway, life has been hectic around here lately. I got a job working full time 8-5 Mon-Fri at Wal-Mart headquarters. I have been there for 2 weeks now, and am still trying to adjust to life as a full time working mother. Nate goes to my cousin Crystal's during the day, which is nice because she has a little girl only 3 weeks older than Nate. Also, our computer was in the shop for a week, and I couldn't blog because I didn't have any pictures saved to our other computer. So here I am.

Charlie is doing well at his job and really enjoys it. It sounds like the benifits both health and other kinds are great. I have a Wal-Mart discount card that gets 10% off, which tax here is 9%, so that just covers tax pretty much, but still helps.

Nate is as cute as ever...He loves swimming and we went to my parents house and he got to go skinny dipping...loved that especially b/c he could pretty much be a nudist if I let him. He gets so happy when you start undressing him.

When Angie was here we went out for a family (adults only except for Nate) dinner. Dustin had already gone home to Costa Rica though. Anyway, there is a picture of Jordan pinching Nate's cheeks! He loved it, and so did Nate, haha.

Nate loves jumping, so he loves the jonny jump up. Also I've included a picture of Nate with Grandpa Smith, sleeping at Grandpa's house. Also Nate slept with us a little in our bed a few time lately b/c he wasn't sleeping and that was the only way he would our bed. He is now back in his bed, thank heavens for that! I just included some cute pictures. Enjoy.